Saturday, September 18, 2010


Here is your happy BloomingtonGirl t in her teeniest of all weeniest hotel rooms ever. It was chic, yes, but oh so teeny. I just liked the picture.

I turned 48 yesterday. I am not put off by the number of years that has crept upon me while I wasn't paying so much attention. I have already been through (and am so over) the Botox phase - for a brief period, I resembled Spock in an alarming way whenever I raised my eyebrows - and plastic surgery is not even on my radar anymore. I don't know what happened, but something did, and I no longer stand in front of the mirror pulling up my slackening facial skin, imagining what I might look like were I to surrender to the embrace of the scalpel. It could be that I am not obsessing lately because I am tan from outdoor swimming (I do wear sunscreen and lots of it) and when winter arrives and I am pallid and looking haggard...Oh, who knows. But for now, I'm not really troubled by growing older. It's rather shocking, isn't it?

I spent my birthday celebrating what my body can do - I went on a bike ride and then did a swim in the wonderful IU Outdoor pool. I felt quite mighty for my age. I had lunch with a dear friend who gave me a gorgeous present and then I took (gasp!) a delicious nap. All in all, a good day. My husband brought home some very fancy cupcakes and my boys and I had a nice little birthday party.

More soon, Loyal Readers. I have to go and get my little guy to bed.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day and you're enjoying being yourself. What could be better?


pt at large said...

Belated Happy Birthday to the one, the only, Bloomington Girl! To celebrate, I shall retrieve and thaw out a "Hoosier Mama Brownie" from the freezer and devour it while singing "Happy Birthday to yoouuuuu..." and sipping on my afternoon cuppa java.