Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night at Home

It is a Friday night and I am writing to you after mopping my kitchen floor. Glamourous? No. Satisfying? Mais Oui! Now, I can wake tomorrow to a clean kitchen. I'd say that there is nothing better, but we all know that there are better things, many of them rather unmentionable in polite company.

I spent my day intending to write a Pantoum but ended up writing a grant instead. It's submitted now, so I have no excuse not to write creatively. I don't know why I chose to embark upon a Pantoum. Perhaps it is because I have been reading the wonderful, the inimitable Frank Giampietro's Begin Anywhere, and in it is a poem called "Foreplay Pantoum". Maybe I can start one tomorrow. Or, maybe all I'll do is arrange play dates and make grilled cheese sandwiches for ten year olds. One never knows. Such excitement and suspense in the life of your BloomingtonGirl. Stay tuned.

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