Sunday, October 24, 2010

Silver and Tomatoes

Good Evening, Loyal Readers! It is a Sunday night and I am cozy - but chic! - in casual clothing and one show stopping piece of jewelry. The jewelry to which I refer is shown at left, The Elsa Peretti Tiffany Silver Cuff. I did not purchase this fine piece of sculpted silver. No, it was given to me by someone who had tired of it, had worn it little and was glad to pass it along. I can see why she wore it little - it isn't exactly the most comfortable bracelet on the planet. It does make my arm look sort of elegant, though...

Well, yesterday, Jack and Chris were talking about silver coins and the price of silver (Jack is a budding little coin collector) and I was prompted to weigh the cuff just to calculate what the basic market melt-down value of it was. It weighed about 3.5 oz. The price of silver is about $23 an oz, give or take, making the bracelet worth a paltry $80.50 if I were to sell it for metal. (I wouldn't, but that's not the point.)

But, the retail price of the piece on the Tiffany website is $800.

I just find that absolutely incredible. I can see some kind of mark-up for craft and design - especially if the piece were hand crafted by an artist, which, I suspect this is not. $300 for something of this kind (at the 4th Street Fair, for instance) wouldn't be too too outrageous: $400 if it had more interesting work on it. But, $800?? Crazy. And, Tiffany isn't quite that special anymore, now that it has "chainified", so they have no business asking such a ransom.

Don't get me wrong, Loyal Readers. I am not so outraged that I would toss this lovely bracelet from my collection. That would be just plain silly and counter to your BloomingtonGirl's fashion lust.

In other news, I have been up to my eyeballs (again) in tomatoes this week. We have many pounds of green tomotoes and many many pounds of red. It is a strange thing to be having garden fresh tomatoes in late October, but I really can't complain. They are very delicious.

Over the past few days, I made about a gallon of oven roasted tomato sauce to freeze, green tomato preserves - more like a spiced chutney (yummy) and Sriracha, a (Thai?) chile hot sauce. I canned nine little jars of the Sriracha and it is gooooooood. It has the right balance of heat and pepper flavor. I used a bunch of pretty tired red jalapenos Chris picked a few weeks ago and it was still delicious. I just LOVE when things come out that well.

In other news, I continue to be an absolute biking addict. I didn't even feel well today but got on my bike and had a surprisingly mighty ride. The weather has been so unseasonably warm and dry, so every day is an invitation to ride. It's like flying. Makes me giddy. Absolutely giddy. Did I mention how giddy it makes me?

I mostly ride my road bike but a couple of times a week, I get on my mountain bike and drive myself over to work out at the Y, which is about five miles away. I ride almost all of the way on sidewalks. Why? Because pedaling along on sidewalks never fails to make me feel as if I am nine again, riding over to a friend's house to play. I actually keep the bike in a lower gear than I normally would so I pedal fast, like a little kid. I am not kidding - it makes me feel so joyous. It's the fountain of youth, Loyal Readers. Get on your bike this week and ride on some sidewalks and you will see exactly what I mean. Just thinking about it makes me giggle.

Off to bed. What a great week it has been. Worked on a new play that might actually have some legs and had several good hair days in a row, no small thing for a woman growing her hair out from a pixie cut.

I have such a sweet life. So lucky.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the observation about riding on the sidewalks making you feel like a kid again!

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, that would be "anonymous" MKP.

Anonymous said...

I tried oven drying tomatoes, but they weren't very good. Maybe it has to do with the kind of tomato.