Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Romance, Writing, Baking, Skin Care & Christmas Cards & A Brief Comment on Mean People...

First, Romance. I love this little series of pictures taken (using the Mac Photobooth application) last Saturday night after the Bloomington Hospital Gala. It was a fun night and I am happy to report that I purchased not one new item of apparel for the event. I have a closet full of party clothes from the old days and I am determined to start wearing them all again. If you see a woman in the grocery store or pumping gas in a vintage cocktail dress or a full length ball gown, it's probably your BloomingtonGirl. The world needs dressing up, don't you agree?

Next, writing. I am having serious problems in that area, Loyal Readers. I thought by posting a little something this morning, it would warm me up for my planned writing session this AM. I am working on a new play that started out quite promising and has stalled rather - dare I say - dramatically. I just don't know what the play is about, though I swear that I did when I started out. After this post, however, I am determined to slog on for a good deal of the remaining morning, writing whatever leaden crap I can write. If it is really dreadful, I will bake something just to remind myself that I do indeed have at least a modicum of creative talent. My baking has been - all (false) modesty aside - rather stellar lately. I've been working my way through three baking cook books one recipe at a time. Maybe I should start a blog about that and then get a movie deal? Does anyone know if that has been done before?

Now, on to skin care. I treated myself to a Sonicare Skin Care machine. I am in the process of charging it for 24 hours as instructed (I actually read the instructions) and will begin using it this evening. Prepare yourselves, Loyal Ones. I might look years younger instantly. I know some people who use the thing and they swear by it, so I thought I would give it a try. I ordered the one that came with four complimentary but normally uber expensive skin care products. The testimonials on these cleansers/serums/moisturizers would have you believe that after one use you can no longer see your pores or wrinkles. I think that the writers of such nonsense just forgot to put their reading glasses on after they dried their face. But, still, there is a part of me that hopes for these little miracles, although the comic fact is that nobody will notice but me. If I were wise, I'd throw these products away and stick with my drug store cleansers and health store moisturizers, less I too forget to put on my reading glasses after I use them and become addicted. Stay tuned for more exciting news about my pores and wrinkles. Such excitement, I know.

One last thing. Someone was recently mean to me. Well, actually, two people were mean. One was an absolute stranger who gave me the finger, vigorously I might add, as she sped by me. I was pulled to the side of a road on my bike, not in her way or anyone's way for that matter. It was so hostile and random and it felt like a tiny little assault on my otherwise pleasant day. The other was someone I knew, which made it much worse. While it stung to be the object of real meanness, it made me realize - quite gratefully and happily -how very very very few mean people I know. Yes, someone might be nasty or grouchy or say something in anger, but being mean is a horse of a different color and one to be avoided if possible. I take for granted sometimes the number of exceptionally fine people I have in my circle. It's good to be reminded - albeit in a backwards and unpleasant way - how fortunate I am.

In other news, I have no ideas for the McGary Christmas Card as of this writing. Perhaps I should simply send out cookies instead? Any comments on that idea?

Happy day to you, Loyal Readers.


Amy said...

For the baking book, I think it is hard to simply write about a year making your way through a cookbook, it has to have something else important coupled with it: like you have cancer and you are baking as you are healing OR you find a 1941 edition of some baking book that your grandmother had made copious notes in and you write about your grandmother and your memories and her notes. OR (you'll like this one) You write simultaenously about a year of The Joy of Baking and a Year of the Joy of Sex. You get the picture.

Sorry about the mean people. Mean people suck...especially at Christmas time.

xo Amy

Sally said...

Joni, these photos are ADORABLE. Happy Boxing Day!

Anonymous said...

Love is in the air....