Sunday, January 09, 2011


Loyal Readers,
I recently ventured out in the snowy evening to have a glass of wine with two fellow writers - a poet and a novelist. We were talking about being stuck in our work. The (soon to be published) poet suggested that we consider cross-training as a way to become un-stuck. Not in the athletic sense, but in the artistic sense. She reported that was going to try quilting as a way to stretch herself creatively. She thought her poetry would be stronger when she returned to it.

Having experienced first hand how cycling improved my swimming, I was open to this concept. Indeed, I am very, very open to it because I am as stuck as I have ever been in my writing . I have two scripts in progress - one that appeared at first to be promising and now has me riddled with self-doubt and a second that is a variation on the first that all out (forgive me) sucks. I have a great many ideas but can't seem to string together something remotely skillful in the way of a plot line. Perhaps I am not as open to writing shit as one needs to be in the process. I am going to write some right after I finish writing this and see what happens.

But first, I wanted to post some pictures of my own cross-training efforts. When in doubt, I bake. It is something that I do well and is finite. Measure, mix, form, bake. Done. If one pays attention...voila! Success. the results make others very happy - I give away much of what I produce lest I become huge - and I have a feeling of satisfaction having made something beautiful to eat. It doesn't lift fully lift the writing cloud that has been following me along lately, but it helps. Below are photos of Brioche, English Muffins on the griddle, English Muffins in fancy bags (I have lucky neighbors if you ask me) and of a loaf of cinnamon chocolate chip bread with icing.

Another way in which I am trying to jump start my creative writing process is by reading as much as I can. I'm reading a play (The Price by Arthur Miller) and a fun fun little book called Bike Snob. If you like cycling, you'll enjoy this witty read, complete with an interesting history of cycling in this country. It's a fun diversion.

I also hope that seeing some good theatre when I'm back East will inspire me. If nothing works, maybe I'll pick up my camera again or stick to baking. Perhaps there is a bakery in my future with walls hung with my own photographic work.

Then again, maybe not. We'll see.

Farewell for now, Loyal Ones.

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