Monday, June 20, 2011

What I'm Doing on my Summer Vacation by BloomingtonGirl

Your BloomingtonGirl is off to her beloved East Coast for a whirlwind of great activity over the next four weeks.  Here's a synopsis of the plot:

The day after tomorrow, Jack and I leave for New York where I will deposit him at camp for four weeks.  After a very tearful goodbye...well, okay, pretend tearful, because let's face it:  He's eager to be there and I cannot utter the words "get off the computer" or "shut the TV off" one more time without wanting to blow my brains out.  (Please don't call social services).

Where was I?  Yes, after our good byes, I shall head to Manhattan where I will see my friend Max Newman perform at the Gotham Comedy Club.  Can't wait to see my fearless, talented writing partner strut his stuff.  NY peeps, you should meet me there.

Then, I head back to the Heartland for ten days to indulge my obsessive biking/swiming/writing urges sans bored son.  He will be living large at the best camp ever, so I need not feel any guilt.  My husband and I will soak up the summer goodness of Bloomington during those ten days - Farmer's Market, Summer Music Festival...etc., without the thought of having to get a babysitter or arrange a playdate.  Luxury!

THEN, oh THEN, Loyal Readers, I fly back East to Philadelphia to participate in The PlayPenn Workshop Whirlwind.  I'll be one of the July 17 playwrights!!!  Is your BloomingtonGirl excited?  Just a little...okay, okay....  I'm Over the Moon if you must know.  Why?  Because I will develop a new short piece during this workshop and it will be read at the Adrienne Theatre on Sunday night, July 17.  I think that there will be nine people participating - I don't yet have the details.  I am just excited to be able to fit a workshop in this summer and this particular workshop is particularly compelling. I haven't been to Philadelphia in over ten years, so it will be fun to visit.  I have a few must do's on my list and I am very excited.  Between classes, I'll be writing, writing and writing some more.

I'm off to iron on name labels for Jack's camp clothes and then to make sure we have our favorite playlists all ready to go on the IPod for the drive.  Good thing we both love Green Day.

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