Friday, July 08, 2011

Philadelphia (and nearby) People....Listen Up!

If you are in Philadelphia on Sunday July 17, please come to see my short play read at the Adrienne Theatre as part of the PlayPenn Workshop Whirlwind.  The reading starts at 6PM.  There are five playwrights participating and each will develop a new ten minute piece for the evening.  We are working on them right now.  It's very exciting and scary and wonderful and scary and inspiring and get the picture.

Please come!  Click on the link below for information.  Workshop Whirlwind!


Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. said...

Hey, BloomingtonGirl,
Would love to know how it turned out, how the writing is going. Ten minute plays are a bit of a rage in Boston. Every spring, The Boston Theater Marathon is a whirlwind of 50 ten minute plays presented in ten hours straight. Some of Boston's best playwrights and actors participate as well as total newcomers, amateurs, fresh talent - and it's all good.
The audience is lively,friends of the actors and writers as well as friends of Boston theater in general.
Come on up here next spring to check it out. Bring your family up here and establish residence for a month and submit a play!
Links to stories ive written about the Theater Marathon


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