Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Power of a Network of Women

Good Evening, Loyal Readers.  I should be in bed at this very late hour getting my beauty rest, but for you, I will sacrifice my vanity just a little bit to write here an inspiring tale about the power of the female network.

Today, our daughter Kate called from Brooklyn to tell me that her (and my) friend K was having a terrible time trying to breastfeed her newborn (on Friday) daughter.  She was trying and trying and it was very painful and not much was happening in the way of food flowing from mama to baby.  I related to this in a big way having never really produced enough milk to keep Jack remotely sated in the first four weeks of his wailing, starving, miserable life.  (My DD cup mother was right when she said, "How do you think you're going to breast feed with those?" Yes.  I'm adopted.)  I never even got out of an A cup when I was pregnant.  No heaving breasts for me, no.  Just the same old same old paltry...Oh!  I digress....back to our story...

So, Kate called me, full of concern for our wonderful friend K.  I knew immediately what to suggest and whom to contact to make sure that K got the very best advice in her stressful, hormonal, sleep-deprived, emotionally loaded, overwrought situation. (Do I project based on my own experience?  Maybe just a little.)

I told Kate that K needed to find a Very Good Lactation Consultant.  (Not a Very Crummy one like the one I got stuck with. Oh Brother!  She was 38 (my age at the time) and single and just about all she talked about during the sorry hour for which I paid her probably 75 smackers was how she despaired of being single and how much she wanted a baby of her own.  Seriously.  She did this.  I got just about no help from her.

And to make sure that K got a Very Good one, I emailed my friend Ann Marie who works at BABS here in Bloomington.  AM is a Lactation Consultant EXTRAORDINAIRE.  If I had had her, Jack might have been breast fed for more than the short four weeks he was and might not need the therapy he will most certainly need in later life for attachment and insecurity issues.   What?  I digress again?  So sorry, Loyal Ones.

Anyway, within twenty minutes of my reaching out to Ann Marie, Kate and K had a contact on the ground in K's neighborhood to call for help.  Isn't that so completely cool?  I think it is!

It is time for bed now.  Nighty Night, Loyal Ones.