Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Acceptance Anxiety

From Rejection City to Acceptance Anxiety!

After getting shot down by several theaters recently, this week brought two notifications of good news for your BloomingtonGirl.  Yesterday, I heard that my short play Carbon Credit was selected to be part of the Source Festival in DC this June/July (!!!!) and today I got an email telling me that Fat Girl is a semi-finalist for the Trustus Theatre Playwrights' festival.

I'm so excited and nervous that I can barely swallow food! Loyal Readers, you know what a big deal that is for your food loving BloomingtonGirl. A couple more pieces of good news and I'll weigh ninety pounds.

Not to worry, HoosierMama Brownie lovers, I'm still writing my business plan for LuckyGuy Bakery, though, and toured a commercial kitchen space this morning.  I am in the process of scheduling a phone conference with a food publicist to see what she can do for me and I'm starting to scale up the recipes and look at packaging.  We'll see how everything shakes out.  There is, all of a sudden, a LOT happening for your BloomingtonGirl.

Off to whip up a  batch of Two-Ton-Tessie Toffee for a lucky Valentine and then hop on my bike to calm my nerves.

More to follow!