Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Loyal Readers, your BloomingtonGirl is relaxing for a few moments after putting a locally raised splayed (not to be confused with spatchcocked) chicken in a 500 degree oven to roast.  I'm trying out this NYT recipe but without the ramps, because I have none.  I'm fortunate to have inherited my husband's grandmother's (exceptionally well seasoned) cast iron pan.  It is a gem.  A 12 inch cast iron frying pan is quite useful for all sorts of recipes:  this one, pineapple upside down cake, pommes anna and bruised in the head unfaithful lover.  If you don't have a cast iron pan, hurry up and get one.  Don't spend lots of dough on some fancy schmancy one.  Pick one up at a second hand shop or a hardware store.

When I first started blogging eight or so years ago, we were on the verge of moving to Bloomington, IN from Fairfield, CT.  I had just learned what a blog was and decided to give it a try.  My first several entries are here and here.  Seems a million years ago.

I look back and marvel that I could leave my beloved North East so easily for the heartland.  After eight plus years here, I find myself longing to return to the geography and place I know best.  I have made a great life here in Bloomington and I don't regret moving here, but I have to say that I am still not a Hoosier and I'm not likely to ever become one deep down.  Don't get me wrong.  The midwest is great.  It's just not mine.

All that said, will we move?  Nah.  Not until Jack is out of high school, and then probably only part time.  I'd like to leave an ancestral home of some sort for him here.  We didn't do that for the girls and I feel bad about that.

Several days later...

Just realized that I didn't post this when I wrote it when I sat down this morning to write another post.  Let me just say that the chicken was one of the best I've ever made but the oven mess was impressive.  The fat just crackles and shoots all over the place at that temperature and the smoke that resulted was not insignificant.  It was worth it, though.

I titled the post "Precampsia" because I wrote the above piece right before we were to leave to take Jack to summer camp.  He's trying a new camp this year after not enjoying our beloved old camp in NY last summer.  Their management had changed and I think that it is just not what it used to be, alas, so we made a switch.  I was nervous about it as the time grew nearer, especially because Jack and I had been attached at the hip for the past few weeks since school ended.  We dropped him off on Saturday.  Stay tuned.

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The Elitist said...

Maybe it just wasn't the same last year with his favorite camp counselor missing. I hope he enjoyed the new camp this year :)